Ancient Greek Computer Recreated… Using LEGOs

You read that title correctly… the video above shows an Apple software engineer by the name of Andrew Carol re-building The Antikythera Mechanism… an ancient Greek [about 100 B.C.] creation that many consider the world’s 1st computer out of Lego Technic pieces… over 1500 of them to be exact.  The original creation and this Lego version were used to “predict celestial events and eclipses with unprecedented accuracy”, telling when the next solar eclipse will occur.


Source: Engadget


Taka Hayashi x Vault by Vans Velocita LX Holiday 2010

The 1st collaboration by Taka Hayashi and Vault by Vans Velocita is still viewed as one of the most classic Vans collaborations by many.  Well they’re back for the holidays with new colorways and materials.  These kicks just effortlessly exudes classy cool.  The suede sneakers come in brown and charcoal with a flip-up heel tab and perforated side panels for the uppers.. So fresh so clean.

They are currently available for $120 at Bows & Arrows.

Source: Highsnobiety

Introducing the Kisai Satellite Watch

Quirky watch designer TokyoFlash has produced a watch that I think is unique enough in its design while still maintaining a certain level of accessibility.  The face of the black/white watch has 3 blue or green LED circular dials [1 circle being hours 1-12, the other 2 circles showing minutes in 5 minute increments and 1-4 minutes(?)] on the face that gives a distinct tron-like feel to it [sure to please the geeks among us].  The watch is recharged via USB and is currently available for $93.79.

Source TokyoFlash Via Engadget

More pictures and demo video after break..

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Known Galaxies in 3D

The video above that runs almost 1 minute and 30 seconds shows all of the known galaxies using some great 3D imaging provided by N.A.S.A’s Hubble and other sources.  It just shows how vast our universe is and how there is still an infinite amount to learn about it.

Source: TechEBlog via PopSci

UnderAbove Under/Overwater Camera

At first glance this contraption looks like some odd mutated bowling pin but it is actually the genius water camera designed by Kyung Han.   The the upper and lower ‘pin handles’ have cameras built in that can simultaneously take underwater and over water pictures which allows for some cool pool party photographs.  The camera is lightweight and comes with a little LCD screen so you can preview the pool party debauchery as it ensues.  It also has a built-in timer and flash.

Unfortunately this device is not in production but hopefully it will be soon.

More pics below.

Source: Yanko Design via Wired

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Grown Man Kicks: Jordan V.2 Grown

Over the years, Jordan brand has grown in its design of casual sneakers/footwear.  Maintaining clean lines while keeping some fun colors for us grown-ups that still have some child-like senses with us..

The V.2 Grown will be released in 3 colorways in spring 2011.  The upper material of these shoes will be in suede and the sole in bright vulcanized-like colors.

No pricing announced.

Pics of more colorways after the break.

Source: Highsnobiety

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WheeMee Massage Robot

Quirky gadget purveyor Dreambots have created a gadget for those who love massages but hate the grubby palms of humans touching them all over (!?).  The device is called a ‘WheeMee’.  Basically what it does is canvases your body while you’re laying on your back or stomach and gives you a massage.  There are sensors that prevent it from toppling off of your person…  According to the Dreambots it will provide a “delightful sense of bodily pleasure.”  Well if that’s what you’re looking for… why get a robot?  😛

Price not currently available

Source: LikeCool