Art-chitechture: Sequeira Arquitectos Associados’ House

If you’re a fan of contemporary architecture, and houses that are built to take every advantage of the natural light around it then you should like this pad located in Guimanraes, Portugal.   The 3-story abode, created by Portuguese Architect firm Sequeira Arquitectos Associados, overlooks breathtaking views of its city.

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Fence Flip Graffiti

On August 19, 1989, Troy Davis, a resident of the predominantly black, middle-class neighborhood of Cloverdale, Savannah, GA was convicted of the murder of local police officer Mark MacPhail.  Although there have been inconsistencies surrounding his case he was sentenced to death row in 1991.

As inspiration for the “Making the Invisible Visible” street art project, graffiti artists Metalgassi and Amnesty International painted portraits of Troy Davis, on various places [mostly fences] throughout London.

There are some samples Troy Davis and other street portraits after the break.

Source: Illusion 360

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BeoSound 8 Dock by Bang & Olufsen

High end electronics and design mavens Bang & Olufsen have created for the first time a speaker system exclusively for Apple’s iPod, iPhone & iPad line of devices with the BeoSound 8 dock.

In true B&O style, the speaker system looks very futuristic with two large circular speakers connected by a dock for Apple’s devices.  There is also an auxiliary connection for non Apple devices.  The BeoSound 8 will also have apps [to be released this month] for the device, a free version that has limited internet radio access and a $19.99 version with access to over 10,000 internet radio stations that you can control/program from you iPod, iPhone & iPad.

The price of the BeoSound 8 is $999.

Source: Luxist

Nissan L.E.A.F. Assembly

Since Nissan’s electric compact hatchback car the L.E.A.F. (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) was announced least year, environmentally conscious people from around the world have been waiting for this car to hit full production (there have been L.E.A.F.s produced in certain markets this year).

With the Leaf expecting to hit full production by the 1st quarter of 2011, the anticipation is growing. While there are still questions about how viable it is to own an EV in today’s market (prices/maintenance costs for 1st adopters are always higher). It seems that EV’s are destined to make a mark in the automotive market sooner than later.

Nissan releases a cool detailed video of the manufacturing process of the highly anticipated car.

Source: AutoBlogGreen